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I had the joy of meeting Nathan Lyon last month when we were both speaking at a Master Gardeners Symposium in Indiana. Nathan is an Emmy nominated chef known to television viewers across the country for his simple, innovative cuisine featuring fresh, seasonal ingredients. He has hosted or co-hosted many television shows, including Growing A…

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A Wedding Machine – Goats!

Last week I discovered a brush-clearing business called Scapegoats, located just down the road from me in West Kennebunk, Maine. A team of seven goats help homeowners, municipalities and farmers tidy up fields, parks and yards by devouring invasive plants, including poison ivy and poison oak. Goats devour Japanese Knotweed and Asian bittersweet, but aren’t…

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Power-Up Your Garden Soil with Nutri-Mulch

I discovered this amazing, nutrient-rich, weed-smothering mulch after I moved to Maine. Coastal Maine Botanical Garden has been using it with great results. Nutri-Mulch has a rich dark color that doesn’t fade like many other mulches. Nutri-Mulch is one of the great earthlife products produced by Casella organics. Click here for more information about Nutri-Mulch.…

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Sale on 2018 Gardening Video Bundle

The 2018 Webinar Video Bundle is now for sale! Enjoy a wealth of practical gardening information and gorgeous pictures featured in this series. This year’s themes were: A Striking, Sustainable Flower Garden by Design; Beauty and the Beast: Bold and Fine Foliaged Plants Make Wonderful Dance Partners (additional striking foliage plants are also featured); Exceptional…

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All gardening books $18.50 each and FREE SHIPPING

Budget-Wise Gardener book cover

Yep, it’s that time of the year when I roll back prices on all of my gardening books for holiday gift-giving – including gifting yourself! HO! HO! HO! Any of my four books are only $18.50 each and include free shipping. This offer includes my newest book, The Budget-Wise Gardener, being released in early February,…

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I first learned about Nutri-Mulch when I discovered that Bill Cullina, Executive Director at Coastal Maine Botanical Garden, uses this organic material on their display beds. That was good enough for me so I gave it a try. I could not be more pleased with how this rich dark material (undyed!) suppresses weeds, reduces water…

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Dramm Garden Hose gets a gold star

Don’t you just hate it when garden hoses kink? You’re watering away and then suddenly, no water. You follow the hose back to where the frustrating crimp is, wrestle the section into a smooth line, and by the time you begin watering again, ZAP! there is another kink. I felt like I was in garden…

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Featured Perennial – Pulmonaria

Pulmonaria   Pulmonaria, commonly called lungwort, is prized for both its early spring flowers as well as eye-catching foliage in woodland gardens.  Flower buds range in color from fuchsia to light pink.  Pollinators eagerly await the flowers that can be gentian blue, bluish-pink, white or bright raspberry pink.  (Pulmonaria ‘Blue Ensign’ in my garden) The foliage…

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Here comes Peter Cottontail

Ahhhh…. Can you smell it?  Spring is in the air.  I LOVE the month of April.  The earth bursts with new life.  All my plants seem to be on steroids as they grow inches each day. I delight in tiptoeing out to my gardens early in the morning. No lawn mowers, cars, garbage trucks or…

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