Watering Containers Made EASY

Growing annuals, edibles, perennials, shrubs or trees in containers typically requires day after day of tediously lugging a watering can or hose to provide the moisture needed to grow healthy, thriving plants. It is time to STOP THE MADNESS! Proven Winners WaterWise Container Watering kits offer the key to freedom from this monotony! And not only will you be happy, so will your plants. One kit can water up to 10 potted plants from a single faucet. Three kits combined running in a single direction off one spigot covers 90 feet, watering up to 30 containers (including hanging baskets). Double that capacity by simply putting a 2-way connector on your spigot and adding three additional kits. You can save yourself even more time by adding a timer to this system (timer not included). Now watering containers is not one of your ‘to do’ items when juggling busy schedules or taking well-deserved vacations.

While I’m on the topic of smart watering, why not include drought and heat tolerant plants in your landscape that do not need frequent watering to look great? Check out Proven Winners page on Xeriscaping. It includes ‘camel-like’ plants that tolerate more drought stress than others without flagging under such conditions. Another great article features superheroes that can withstand blazing heat. If you are looking for annuals that can take full sun and heat, this article is for you. ‘Vermillionaire’ Cuphia (pictured) is one of these rockstars with nonstop blooms that are irresistible to hummingbirds. I’m sure you will find other extremely helpful articles on Proven Winners’ site that is a treasure trove of information, including how-to videos.