2023 Webinars by Kerry Ann Mendez

Online Learning Format for Personal Gardening Education

I'm excited to share this education option to complement my popular gardening lectures to live audiences. The new Webinars (online seminars) enable me to teach gardeners right on their personal computer devices the art of high-impact, low maintenance, sustainable flower gardening and landscaping. It is a very convenient and affordable option offered to individual registrants only. It is not available for groups, however, as it is not intended to replace, but to supplement, my lectures to live audiences.


The Webinar registration fee is only $13.95.

Convenient!  Learn anywhere, anytime. Replay available as many times as you like.  You can view the narrated PowerPoint lecture whenever it suits your schedule.

Substantial Content! Each Webinar is typically 60+ minutes.

Detailed Lecture Notes! Available for printing to provide a permanent reference.

Question and Answers! Type questions during the live broadcast and receive answers via email within a week.

Technology Flexibility! Available on any computer device: desktop, laptop, tablets, smart phone (Webinar Computer Requirements and Video) with free diagnostic service provided.

Continuing Education Unit/Credit! Approval application provided for printing.

Privacy Assured! Personal information and email NEVER shared.

2024 Webinars

All webinars are available for just $13.95.

You'll receive a personalized link to the video allowing you to watch it online at any time, from any device, as many times as you want. Note that it cannot be downloaded.

Each video comes with a lecture handout (including all the plants featured in the video).

Dazzling Plants and Design Tips for Seeing Your Way Out of the Shade!

This illuminating, updated lecture will put the spotlight on gorgeous, rugged plants (shrubs & trees, evergreens, perennials, vines, annuals, and bulbs) that shine in lower light. Many of these stars also work great in containers. Topics include assessing shade; modifying shade to allow more light; key design tips for maximizing color; solutions for dry shade; and gardening under trees. This presentation is best suited for gardeners in hardiness Zones 3-8.

2024 Webinar Dazzling Plants

Time-saving, Mighty-Mite Shrubs that Outshine Perennials.

My outlook on flower gardening has evolved over the decades. In addition to practicing the latest earth-friendly practices and incorporating more natives, I have also shifted my focus from perennials to shrubs that provide months of radiant color but are far less maintenance. This eye-opening lecture focuses on remarkable shrubs for front to mid-border gardens, as well as their pruning requirements. These stunning beauties also are ideal for over-wintering in containers. This presentation is best suited for gardeners in hardiness Zones 3-8.

2024 Webinar Time-saving

New and Lesser-Known Celebrity Plants for 2024

Grab your cameras and get ready to discover some VIPs (Very Important Plants) for the New Year. But just because they are attention-getters doesn’t mean they require prima-donna care. I have trialed many of these myself and they have received my stamp of approval for no-fuss gardens. This presentation is best suited for gardeners in hardiness Zones 3-8.

2024 Webinar Celebrity Plants

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All past webinars are available for purchase for just $14.95.

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"Kerry's presentation was a visual delight and perfect opening for the virtual state Master Gardener awards ceremony. Kerry's energy and enthusiasm are contagious, and her inspiring talk was filled with practical management tips for creating a sustainable garden.  Attendees signed off with design ideas and a wish list of plants for next season." Nancy Knauss, PA State Master Gardener Coordinator

"Kerry Ann's webinars are exciting, colorful, and informative. The notes sent beforehand were absolutely needed -- so much information presented. Looking forward to the next one."

"I went to your lecture at the University of MD for Master Gardeners. I just recently attended one of your webinars - loved loved loved it!" - Susan

 "The webinar today on Garden Design with elements taken from well known and spectacular gardens was very good. An excellent pictorial and verbal dialogue! I picked up some new and old favorites reminders on plant choices and how to best use them. Thanks! Looking forward to the April one." - Karen 

Past Webinars Now for Sale

All past webinars are available for purchase for just $14.95.

You'll receive a personalized link to the video allowing you to watch it online at any time, from any device, as many times as you want. Note that it cannot be downloaded.

Each video comes with a lecture handout (including all the plants featured in the video).

Radical Perennials: Nonstop Color! No-Fuss! Environmentally Responsible!

This Webinar, that received rave reviews, showcases superhero perennials that provide superb color through flowers and/or leaves month after month. And, these head-turners are low-maintenance and low input, meaning they don’t require excessive water, fertilizer or pampering. These ‘do-gooders’ not only get an “A” from us for their fabulous performance, but also thankful nods of approval from happy pollinators and other treasured wildlife. Plants range in hardiness from Zones 3 to 8. Originally presented on October 27, 2017.

Radical Perennials video

Inspired Design Lessons Learned from Magnificent Gardens in England, Canada and the United States.

Sponsored by Bluestone Perennials and Garden Design magazine

Breathtaking gardens are our classroom for great take-away lessons that elevate landscapes from ordinary to spectacular! What better time than drab winter days to view stunning gardens and plan outstanding make-overs for your own landscape come next spring. The presentation embraces many elements of great design, including the use of focal points, plant material, garden rooms, repetition, color, texture, scale and much more. (Photo Chanticleer Gardens. Photo by Rob Cardillo. Copywrited)

Inspired Garden Design Lessons video

Jaw-Dropping Flowering Shrubs: The New No-Fuss Glamour Plants!

Sponsored by Bluestone Perennials and Garden Design magazine

Do you want to add drama, winter interest and colorful flowers to your gardens while reducing maintenance? Then include spectacular flowering shrubs, many of which feature dazzling foliage! This video emphasizes varieties that are drought-tolerant, require minimum fertilizer and are pollinator friendly. It showcases many new plants and includes pruning requirements and design tips.

Jaw-Dropping Flowering Shrubs video

Kerry Ann Mendez presents Captivating Flowering Vines

Sponsored by Bluestone Perennials and Garden Design Magazine

In the video, you'll discover gorgeous flowering vines - annual, woody and perennial - that carry the eye up, down and all around. I describe the different ways that vines climb, as well as the best supports to use so the vines don't take over your garden! I also share some inspiring design ideas for screening eyesores, enhancing privacy, creating shade, and establishing low-maintenance groundcovers. This presentation will have you ‘thinking outside the box’!

Captivating Flowering Vines video

A Striking, Sustainable Flower Garden by Design

Who doesn’t want head-turning, planet-friendly gardens that are the talk of the neighborhood and the pollinator world? Topics covered in this presentation include right plant-right place with an emphasis on natives; smart water practices, natural insect controls, sources for neonic-free plants, maintaining healthy soil, living mulches, winning the war against weeds naturally, and more.

video by Kerry Ann Mendez - A Striking Sustainable Flower Garden by Design

Beauty and the Beast: Bold and Fine Foliaged Plants Make Wonderful Dance Partners

Contrast…..Tension….. Energy…….Beauty! Dynamic foliage is the magic ingredient that elevates ho-hum gardens to unforgettable works of art. Large leaves among numerous small-leaves specimens add immediate drama as well as balance. Foliage choices are endless, offering a vast array of colors, shapes and textures….deciduous and evergreen. This lecture zooms in on big, brawny specimens as well as delicate beauties. The marriage of the two is breathtaking – far more remarkable as a team than solo players. Suggested pairings and design tips are included.

Video image - Beauty and the Beast

Fascinating Plants for Shade Gardens

This illuminating presentation will help you see your way out of the dark to reveal a candy store brimming with gorgeous specimens for part shade or shade. Featured plants include perennials, flowering shrubs, annuals, bulbs and flowering vines ranging in hardiness from Zones 3 to 8. The lecture also includes design tips and lovely plant combinations. Who knows….you might even want to plant a shade tree after watching the Webinar!

Fascinating Plants for Shade Gardens

Twofer Perennials: Plants with Eye-Catching Flowers and Foliage

Do you dream of a garden packed with abundance, drama and multi-season interest? Then this lecture is for you. Discover knockout perennials that dazzle the eye with a one-two punch – extraordinary flowers and foliage. There is never a dull moment using these standouts in the landscape. Superstars for all light conditions, ranging from Zones 3 to 8, will be featured. The presentation also includes some top-rated sources for these plants, including local garden centers.

Video image - Twofer Perennials

Powerhouse Perennials That Work Overtime... So You Don't!

Life is demanding enough without having to also pamper fussy, second-rate perennials. We need spectacular superhero plants that save the day (and our backs).  This presentation features gorgeous ‘A-team’ perennials for sun and shade, ranging in hardiness from Zones 3 – 9.  Many natives (and nativars) as well as new introductions are included.

Powerhouse Perennials video

Not Your Grandma’s Hydrangeas: The Best Hydrangeas Plus Tried and Proven Tips for Growing Them

Hydrangeas are the number one flowering shrub googled on the internet.  These highly esteemed shrubs can cause both joy and frustration.  Unravel the mystery for having traffic-stopping Hydrangeas that will be the envy of the neighborhood.  This presentation covers the five different species commonly sold.  Knowing the difference between each, pruning needs, and which Hydrangea is the best choice for YOUR garden is the key to success!  The talk includes many NEW introductions as well as recommendations for growing Hydrangeas in containers.

Not Your Grandma's Hydrangeas - video from Kerry Ann Mendez

Designing Small Gardens with Big Attitudes!

Do you have a small space to garden but want BIG results? Or perhaps your property is large BUT you have a spot that gets lots of ‘eye-traffic’? Maybe it’s the main entrance to your home or an entertainment area that needs jazzing up? This eye-opening presentation provides clever design and accessorizing tips for maximizing and extending color in smaller spaces. The lecture features remarkable, no-fuss perennials, flowering shrubs, evergreens and annuals that provide three seasons (or more) of beauty plus neat habits. Pollinator-friendly plants and sustainable practices are emphasized.   

Video - Small Gardens With Big Attitudes

Gardening Simplified:  Budget-Wise & Time-Saving Tips for Sensational Gardens!

Don’t you love it when you snag a super deal on a great plant?  This presentation is packed with dollar-stretching shopping suggestions for scoring incredible plants for less….or for free!  Plus, you’ll reap a wealth of time-saving design strategies, and discover how to slash the cost of container gardens with revolutionary self-watering pots and plant combinations.  More tips can be found in my book, The Budget-Wise Gardener

PYours Webinar Ad 300x300

Power Up Garden Beauty; Power Down Garden Maintenance

Get more bang for your buck and less backbreaking maintenance with these amazing perennials, flowering shrubs and annuals that provide much more color than commonly planted varieties. Plus, these underused beauties (many of which are natives or nativars) are pollinator-friendly, and most require less water. Enjoy more time relaxing with family and friends admiring your handiwork!


Heavenly Plants for Tough Spots and Hellstrips

Landscaping in challenging sites can be an exasperating exercise. This presentation features superhero plants that thrive in dry shade; hot, sandy locations; wet areas, on slopes; and in hellstrips between sidewalk and street curb.  No matter where you plant them, they make landscapes beautiful both for gardeners and pollinators.


Design Tips for Traffic-Stopping Curb Appeal

If you’re wondering how to create eye-catching foundation beds, walkways, and four-season interest around your home, particularly in the front yard, then this video is for you! Not only does it include many design tips, with photos to illustrate the concepts, it also shows you top-performing perennials, annuals, flowering shrubs, evergreens, and ornamental trees to create your own head-turning garden.

Video-Design Tips 2022

Workhorse Plants and Design Tips for Time-Pressed and Maturing Gardeners

Proven design tips for non-stop color with dramatically less maintenance. Striking foliage and pollinator-friendly flowers take center stage. You'll learn about the “Marvelous Foursomes” to work into your garden design and see designs comprised of no-fuss shrubs, perennials, annuals, and bulbs that look stunning spring through fall, including pollinator-friendly plants that bring in butterflies, birds, and other pollinators (and possibly your neighbors as well!).

Video-Workhorse Plants 2022

Reblooming Perennials and Flowering Shrubs

Planting repeat blooming hardy plants is a no-brainer. Who wouldn’t want twice the flower power and pollinator-attractive nectar?! But which plants do you choose and how do you put them together so your garden looks fantastic? This video will show rockstar plants that even ‘deadhead’ themselves! Plus, plants with spectacular foliage that takes the spotlight until the next round of flowers appear, an all-star line-up of reblooming plants (including many natives), and reblooming plants with two rounds of beautiful flowers.

The Perennial Plant Collector's Treasure Chest

This colorful, one-hour talk is for plantaholics seeking unusual and striking perennials that will have heads turning and onlookers mumbling “What is that?” As an avid collector, I’ve walked many miles in my muck boots to find some unique plants that transform ho-hum gardens into eye-popping, extraordinary ones. The presentation includes mailorder sources for these extraordinary beauties (if they are not at your local garden center).

Video-Reblooming Perennials 2022
2023 Webinar_ The Perennial Plant Collector's Treasure Chest

Remarkable Natives for Planet-Friendly Gardens

There seems to be a misconception that natives are not as showy as non-native plants in the flower garden. Not true! This inspiring one-hour video will open your eyes to dazzling specimens that attract accolades as well as pollinators. Learn about unusual perennials, flowering shrubs, and striking grasses that command attention for months! The presentation includes highly rated mailorder sources for award-winning natives (in addition to your local garden center!). Featured plants are in Hardiness Zones 3 to 8.

2023 Webinar_ Remarkable Natives for Beautiful, Planet-Friendly Gardens 2022

Clever Design Tips for Everblooming, Low-Maintenance Gardens

This dynamic video will surprise you with creative, easy-to-implement strategies for extending the blooms of popular plants for weeks! Also showcased are time-saving design tips including distinctive plant combinations that provide unstoppable color spring through fall, as well as groundcover tapestries that smother weeds and delight pollinators. You will also learn valuable lessons from before and after design projects to avoid costly landscape mistakes.  Featured plants are in Hardiness Zones 3-8

2023 Webinar_ Clever Design Tips for Everblooming, Low-Maintenance Gardens 2023

Time-saving, Sustainable Maintenance Strategies for Lush Flower Gardens

This info-packed video covers time-saving seasonal maintenance tasks, including jump-starting gardens in spring and putting them to bed in the fall, as well as routine tasks such as watering and weeding. Topics include pruning (when and how to prune what); the differences between fertilizers and the best application for each; mulching does and don'ts; plant divisions; planet-friendly insect and disease practices; critter management (such as deer, rabbits, voles) and more. Most appropriate for gardeners in Hardiness Zones 3 – 7.

2023 Webinar_ Time-saving, Sustainable Maintenance Strategies for Lush Flower Gardens 2023

"Just listened to the webinar on Inspired Garden design lessons. Wonderfully complete and organized. At times I tend to feel overwhelmed with informative talks, but the handout, plus the pictures and the detailed explanations from Kerry Ann were spot on! I learned a lot. Thanks Kerry Ann!" - Sue Guest