Now is NOT the time to let down your guard against gnawing critters, especially deer, that wreak havoc on gardens and landscapes.  Cold winter months can cause deer to devastate plants, even those that are not normally on their radar. I have never seen the extensive damage to unprotected evergreen hollies like I saw last winter.   Plantskydd organic repellants are the answer to your critter nightmares!

Plantskydd provides 3 months or more of protection, even in bitter cold temperatures.  Check out this very informative page on recognizing deer browse. Did you know that deer, like cows, do not have incisors (upper teeth in the front of their mouth, picture of a deer feeding on bread from WonDEERful Farm in NZ) so they must tear/rip leaves when feeding, versus rabbits that make a clean, neat cut on a leaf.  This aforementioned page includes information about their top-rated organic products, as well as additional deer browsing facts useful for protecting plants. You can also find more eye-opening tips for minimizing deer damage to spring blooming bulbs and vegetables in raised beds, as well as ravages by hungry rabbits can be found here.

Plantskydd has been proven for over 30 years by independent research to outlast and out-perform all other-repellents— up to 6 months over-winter! Free shipping on orders over $70! To learn more about this exceptional product, click here.