Espoma Organic Products are Beneficial Year-Round!

Many of you have read my praises for Espoma Organic Products in past newsletters. This top-rated manufacturer of organic potting mixessoil amendments, garden and lawn fertilizers, and more is dedicated to producing premier products that are planet-friendly AND produced sustainably by solar power! Over 43,000 square feet of warehouse rooftops are covered in solar panels; eliminating more than 1.4 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions annually. Now that’s ‘walking the talk’.

Many gardeners only think about using Espoma products during the gardening season, but I use these year-round. I reach for the liquid Organic Indoor! Plant Food for my houseplants and use the Organic Potting Mix for planting spring blooming bulbs in decorative containers as handmade holiday gifts.  Recipients are delighted to see a bouquet of blooms months later. Another fun gift are perennials sold as houseplants.

Christmas Rose (Helleborus niger) and Gaultheria procumbens (native Wintergreen, photo White Flower Farm) are commonly sold as holiday décor, yet they are hardy in Zones 3-8.  It is usually a lot less expensive to buy these as houseplants.  I buy these ‘houseplants’, repot them in a decorative container filled with Espoma’s Organic Potting Soil, tie on a bright red bow, and add a note to plant outside in spring.  Bingo!