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NEW 2019 Flower Gardening Webinars

Oct 10, 2018

This will be my third year producing flower gardening Webinars, which are online lectures designed for individuals only, to encourage affordable and convenient personal gardening education, available for repeated viewing anytime on personal computer screens. This flexible personal education delivery system is designed to complement (not replace) my popular live, on-site, lectures for group audiences.…

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Registrations for the 15th Great Gardens and Landscaping Symposium

Sep 22, 2018

Registrations have started to roll in after announcing the 15th Great Gardens and Landscaping Symposium in my last newsletter. This premier gardening extravaganza takes place at the world-class Woodstock Inn and Resort in Woodstock, Vermont on Saturday, April 13, with a special kick-off pre-symposium program the afternoon before. Nationally-known speakers will present the following lectures:…

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NONSTOP flowering Millionbells

Sep 19, 2018

Superbells DOUBLETTE ‘Love Swept’. I was swept away by how this lovely Calibrachoa kept on flowering, right into the fall, without any deadheading. And truth be told, I only fertilized it once, with Espoma Plant-tone, a slow release organic fertilizer. I paired it with another superstar Proven Winners annual, Isotoma ‘Beth’s Blue’. DOUBLETTE ‘Love Swept’…

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Eye-Popping Purple Berry Clusters

Sep 16, 2018

Callicarpa Commonly called Beautyberry, this deciduous shrub is prized for its stunning fall fruit that encircles arching stems. The display is even more riveting after the foliage drops. Callicarpa americana is native to the Southeastern United States. Small pollinator-friendly pink flowers appear in summer that then transform to brilliant violet or magenta berries. It typically…

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Alternatives to Roundup

Sep 10, 2018

Many gardeners, including me, were thrilled that Roundup was recently the center of national attention. Monsanto (recently merged with Bayer), the company that manufactures this chemical herbicide, was slapped with a $289 million lawsuit after they were found liable in a lawsuit by a school groundskeeper who was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma after using the…

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Momma and Baby Raccoons

Aug 18, 2018

Alaine, a friend that I work with at Estabrook’s, recently shared this amazing story about a mother raccoon and her babies. Alaine was working in her backyard that abuts a marshy area. She saw a large raccoon out of the corner of her eye before it ran back into the woods. The next thing she…

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Over the Top Container Designs

Aug 14, 2018

I have become increasingly interested in creating head-turning containers since moving to our condominium in Maine four years ago. Gardening space is at a premium. Containers of all sizes and shapes decorate my front deck, side porch, entrance sidewalk and spots in the landscape where it is impossible to dig in the ground. Many of…

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Plants that love sun and heat

Aug 10, 2018

The July weather in Maine was gorgeous – sunny and dry – just what the tourists love. But lawns are browning out and gardens are panting for water. As a garden designer, I like to work with plants that can endure stretches of inconsistent watering, although even drought tolerant plants need water at some point!…

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Travelling to Paradise

Aug 8, 2018

A number of folks have asked my advice for the best way to travel to the Grand Garden Show (August 26 – 28) on Mackinac Island in northern Michigan. This ‘unlike-any-other-show’ is extraordinary. True, is it not easy to get to, but it is worth the effort. I have always flown into the Sault Ste…

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Registration is Open for the 15th Great Gardens and Landscaping Symposium

Aug 6, 2018

Everything is in place for another spectacular Great Gardens and Landscaping Symposium. The 15th annual symposium will be held once again at the magnificent Woodstock Inn and Resort in Woodstock, Vermont. The day-long, premier symposium, which attracts 230 enthusiastic gardeners nationwide, will be held on Saturday, April 13, 2019 preceded by a special three-hour flower…

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