Weigela ‘Golden Jackpot’

Grab your sunglasses – you will need them when you look at this new Weigela cultivar. Perhaps the brightest Weigela yet, its dazzling golden leaves hold their color all season long, undaunted by summer sun. If that isn’t enough excitement, velvety red buds open to deep pink blooms for almost four weeks starting in mid-spring. This shrub is not for the faint of heart! It reminds me of Wegiela ‘Rubidor’ that I grew in Upstate NY, but ‘Rubidor had rich crimson-red buds AND blooms! ‘Golden Jackpot’ like sun-part sun and grows 4’-6’ tall and wide in Zones 4- 8. If pruning is needed, do so right after the plant finishes flowering. The flowers are hummingbird magnets.