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Featured Perennial – Pulmonaria

Pulmonaria   Pulmonaria, commonly called lungwort, is prized for both its early spring flowers as well as eye-catching foliage in woodland gardens.  Flower buds range in color from fuchsia to light pink.  Pollinators eagerly await the flowers that can be gentian blue, bluish-pink, white or bright raspberry pink.  (Pulmonaria ‘Blue Ensign’ in my garden) The foliage…

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Blue-tiful Blue Flowering Perennials

True blue is a captivating hue and an elusive color in the world of perennials, but there are some flowers that come close. Allow me to introduce you to some ‘blue-tiful’ perennials. Virginia Bluebells (Mertensia) Part Shade- Shade, spring bloomer, Zones 3 – 8 Lungwort ‘Blue Ensign’ (Pulmonaira) Part Shade – Shade, spring bloomer, Zones…

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Bodacious Blue Annuals

I thought I’d carry the winter blue theme over to some blue flowering annuals from Proven Winners that add brilliant bling to containers and landscapes. Blue My Mind Evolvulus And the first plant to enter the spotlight is Evolvulus ‘Blue My Mind’. Yowser! This stunning annual thrives in full sun and lots of heat. The…

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Blue Flowers Chase Away the Winter Blues

The other day I felt a hint of the winter blues coming on.  Being a ‘perennial optimist’, I turned this downer into a positive outcome.  I started thinking about my favorite blue colored flowers and foliage plants! I have quite a few but I’ll restrain myself and write about only four blue flowering perennials (two…

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