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Featured Perennial – Pulmonaria

Pulmonaria   Pulmonaria, commonly called lungwort, is prized for both its early spring flowers as well as eye-catching foliage in woodland gardens.  Flower buds range in color from fuchsia to light pink.  Pollinators eagerly await the flowers that can be gentian blue, bluish-pink, white or bright raspberry pink.  (Pulmonaria ‘Blue Ensign’ in my garden)

The foliage takes center stage after the four to six week floral display.  Lungwort’s foliage wardrobe is quite extensive. Leaves can be oval shaped or long and narrow.  Most Lungwort have green leaves with white spots but there are also varieties with foliage that is totally silver (‘Majeste’, pictured, courtesy of Walters Gardens), green with a white margin (‘Excaliber’) or solid green (‘Blue Ensign’).  Lungwort is ignored by deer and rabbit and is hardy in Zones 3 – 9.  For a fantastic article all about Pulmonaira, check out my friend Tony Avent’s blog on Plant Delight’s web site.