Okay, I confess. I think deer look adorable, especially little fawns, but I DETEST the damage they do to my gardens. And winter is a time when they can severely ‘prune’ my shrubs. One of my good friends nicknames deer ‘the devil’s minions’. Stop the madness by simply using an organic, OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) approved product called Plantskydd. Plantskydd is Swedish for ‘plant-protection,’ where it was first developed to protect its vast tree plantations from browsing by deer, rabbits and moose—while also adhering to its strict environmental laws. This remarkable repellent is effective up to six months in winter and does not wash off in rain, snow or sleet. It comes in both a granular and liquid form. Plantskydd is now the #1 animal repellent choice of professional growers, foresters, and landscapers.

To learn more about Plantskydd, and for testimonials, click here. save 10% on your online order by entering the special Perennially Yours discount code Pyours2018. FREE SHIPPING on orders of $55 or more. You can also look for it at your local garden center. (Photo of two Arborvitae. The one on the left was NOT treated with Plantskydd; the one on the right was. Enough said?)