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Okay, I confess. I think deer look adorable, especially little fawns, but I DETEST the damage they do to my gardens. And winter is a time when they can severely ‘prune’ my shrubs. One of my good friends nicknames deer ‘the devil’s minions’. Stop the madness by simply using an organic, OMRI (Organic Materials Review…

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10 No-No Plants if you have rabbits

In many regions there seems to have been an explosion in the rabbit population. And like deer (especially fawns) they are adorable to look at. Unfortunately the damage they can do to our gardens is not so adorable. It is downright sickening. One way to reduce our heartache is to steer clear of perennials that…

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Show me your teeth – Deer or rabbit damage?

Before pointing an accusing finger at thieves that have ravished your flower or vegetable garden, first ask to see their teeth. Rabbits have a full set of choppers that make a clean, sharp, angled cut on leaves and stems. Deer lack upper incisors and therefore tear at their food, leaving ragged edges. Plus, rabbits usually…

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