I have become increasingly interested in creating head-turning containers since moving to our condominium in Maine four years ago. Gardening space is at a premium. Containers of all sizes and shapes decorate my front deck, side porch, entrance sidewalk and spots in the landscape where it is impossible to dig in the ground. Many of the plants are tropicals or long-lived perennials and shrubs that I overwinter to use the following season (check out some of my favorite ones in my most recent book, The Budget-Wise Gardener).

I was absolutely engrossed by the article Drama in a Pot, featured in the summer issue of Garden Design magazine. This 22-page article showcased five exuberant container designs, including information about each plant used. My favorite combo was titled ‘Towering Trio’. It includes a sizzling Canna called ‘Phasion’ (‘Tropicanna’ is similar), Coleus ‘Campfire’ (I often use this amazing cultivar in my arrangements) and a petunia called ‘Indian Summer’ (I prefer one called Supertunia ‘Honey’ that looks almost identical). The point is, you can tweak these gorgeous designs to accommodate similar varieties that you have access to in your local garden centers. (photo by Jason Ingram)

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