Virtual Garden Design Consultations

As a result of this awful pandemic, I am now offering a limited number of online design and landscape consultations for homeowners in hardiness Zones 6 or colder. Clients provide photos, measurements for new pla

nting beds (or those that need updating), and answer a series of questions related to sunlight, soil type, color/plant preferences, deer pressure, and more. Depending on the project, I will draw either a design to scale, or provide general advice on recommended plants for various sites, as well as problem-solving solutions. A Zoom meeting is then scheduled where I review design recommendations and address questions. The virtual design fee is the same as on-site consultations – $95 per hour. Most virtual consultations are between 2 and 4 hours, which includes time to collect the data, draw the design(s) and/or put together plant recommendations, and the follow-up Zoom conversation. I am offering this service primarily between October and March, when I’m not as busy designing gardens for Estabrook’s Garden Center (where I work full time). If you are interested in a virtual design consultation, please email me at  (pictured one clients before and after)

Here are a couple testimonials from folks I have helped:

“In a panic to provide my landscaper with a plan that wasn’t a bunch of green bushes (his idea of landscaping…), I took a chance and contacted Kerry…to see if she could help me with a colorful, flowering, easy-care garden to go with my new house…After answering a few key questions Kerry had for me (light conditions, soil type, irrigation issues, plants/colors I liked, etc.) and sending her
pictures of the planting area, she was off and running! Not only did she get back to me quickly with an amazing landscape drawing and the ability to look up all the suggested plants….she also set up a phone session to go over each selection, including care and maintenance…, A week later, when I had a problem locating one of the suggested plants in the plan, Kerry was quick to offer an appropriate substitute.” Kathy, NY

“Kerry designed our front gardens that transformed our home! She consulted with us over zoom and the gave us easy to follow step by step plans . I would recommend her services if you want a beautiful interesting garden that it easy to maintain” Julie, Albany, NY