The Last Blooms in the Garden

The last plants to finish blooming in my Maine garden this year was a powerhouse rose called ‘Ringo’ (I took this picture on November 11th after multiple nights in the 20’s) and a nonstop blooming Heuchera called ‘Timeless Night’.

‘Ringo’ has been decorated with many awards, world-wide. The single petaled flowers start out bright yellow with a red ring in the center and then as the flower ages, the yellow softens to white with a pink ring.  Ringo is very disease resistant and grows to 3’ – 4’ in hardiness zones 4-8. I have been growing this charmer for two years.

Heuchera ‘Timeless Night’ was a newbie to my gardens this year.  I used it in one of my container combos. The almost black shiny foliage was a striking as the bright, rosy-pink flowers that cover the length of the stems. I was truly amazed that this coral bell continued to produce flowers all summer into early November – with no deadheading! And the foliage looked as fresh and vibrant in fall as it did in spring. ‘Timeless Night’ is hardy in zones 4-9 and does well in sun to shade. My container was in part shade.