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Espoma helps divided plants thrive!

Spring is a great time to divide many summer and fall-blooming perennials that have grown too big for their britches and are crowding neighboring plants. Dividing plants is good for them, despite how stressful it may look or feel to you. Division stimulates new root growth. Younger roots are more efficient at their job than…

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Gro-tone helps plants thrive!

Gro-tone was just featured in one of my favorite magazines, The American Gardener, published by the American Horticultural Society. Gro-tone, produced by Espoma, is a fish-based, liquid concentrate fertilizer without the fishy smell. Say what?! Espoma added a pleasant mint scent to the concoction so that no nose-pinching is necessary (or shooing off cats and…

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Treat Flowers and Vegetables to Natural Fertilizer from Espoma

Plant-tone Espoma

Plant-tone and Holly-tone by Espoma are ideal fertilizers for vegetables, annuals, mixed flower beds, and fruiting shrubs. These slow-release, organic fertilizers provide a gentle boost for maximizing fruit and flower production without harming the environment, people or pets. I’ve used these fertilizers for more than 20 years. I’m confident that they’ve played a key role…

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