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Hydrangeas are the most googled flowering shrub on the internet. No wonder they’re such hot selling shrubs. Unfortunately, sometimes the plants don’t live up to the pretty plant pictures on their tags or in magazines. In a few cases, it might be blamed on poor plant genetics. But all too often misinformation or the lack…

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Flashy Fall Alternatives to Burning Bush

Burning bush (Euonymus alatus) has long been acclaimed for its brilliant red fall foliage. But since burning bush is now banned as an invasive plant in many states, people are asking for a noteworthy substitute. No problem! Many outstanding alternatives are finally getting the attention they deserve! And many of these are native to North…

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Mighty Mite Hydrangeas

Small, flower-packed Hydrangeas are the rage! There has been an explosion of new hydrangeas that are much more compact than their bigger brothers. These flower-packed, miniaturized versions are perfect for small spaces and containers. Most of the new introductions are in the paniculata species (commonly called panicle or hardy hydrangeas).       ‘Bobo’ has…

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