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Recycle Your Christmas Tree

I’m a huge fan of repurposing and recycling. Just ask my husband (no, I have not recycled him). So what should you do now with your Christmas tree that has brightened your home for weeks? Googling the internet will generate dozens of interesting, if not wacky, ideas. One head-scratching suggestion was to carve it into…

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Power-Up Your Garden Soil with Nutri-Mulch

I discovered this amazing, nutrient-rich, weed-smothering mulch after I moved to Maine. Coastal Maine Botanical Garden has been using it with great results. Nutri-Mulch has a rich dark color that doesn’t fade like many other mulches. Nutri-Mulch is one of the great earthlife products produced by Casella organics. Click here for more information about Nutri-Mulch.…

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