Superior watering products for your garden and lawn

Good watering practices are essential for growing lush healthy gardens and containers. If you don’t have the right equipment, it can be a nightmare! Dramm is a leading manufacturer of premier quality watering tools including hoses, water wands, sprinklers, hose nozzles and accessories. Dramm has long been my choice for superior watering devices. I especially…

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Dramm Garden Hose gets a gold star

Don’t you just hate it when garden hoses kink? You’re watering away and then suddenly, no water. You follow the hose back to where the frustrating crimp is, wrestle the section into a smooth line, and by the time you begin watering again, ZAP! there is another kink. I felt like I was in garden…

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Great garden hoses by Gardener’s Supply

Gardener's supply's stress free garden hoses

A good garden hose can make watering a dream. A heavy, kinking one can quickly raise one’s blood pressure! Gardener’s Supply Company offers a super-slim hose that is amazingly lightweight and flexible in all types of weather. It’s made from high-quality, long-lasting polyurethane and comes in 25-, 50-, or 100-foot lengths. It weighs less than…

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