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Smooth Hydrangeas

Not all Hydrangeas are created equal.  In beauty, yes; but in ease of care, not so much.  Smooth Hydrangeas (Hydrangea arborescens) are a no-brainer.  Smooth Hydrangea is native to the eastern United States.  The shrub flowers on new wood. Translation: it doesn’t matter how windy and cold the winter; flower buds form in spring after Old Man Winter’s…

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Demstyfiing Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are the number one googled flowering shrub on the internet. I’m not surprised, given their captivating beauty, but also because of the confusion that prevails concerning their care and pruning. No wonder my PowerPoint on Growing Honkin’ Hydrangeas is so popular. But a helpful resource available right now at your fingertips is on Espoma’s…

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Mighty Mite Hydrangeas

Small, flower-packed Hydrangeas are the rage! There has been an explosion of new hydrangeas that are much more compact than their bigger brothers. These flower-packed, miniaturized versions are perfect for small spaces and containers. Most of the new introductions are in the paniculata species (commonly called panicle or hardy hydrangeas).       ‘Bobo’ has…

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