Supertunia Lovie Dovie

Supertunia ‘Lovie Dovie’ I have found a new love. Supertunia ‘Lovie Dovie’ has exceeded my wildest dreams for non-stop, flashy color that needs little input from me. I potted it up in May, added some slow release organic fertilizer (Espoma Plant-tone) and went on with my business. Other than providing water as needed, (it is quite drought tolerant), that is all the attention that I gave it (other than staring in amazement!) ‘Lovie Dovie’ grows 6” – 12” tall and cascades up to 30”. It does best in full sun. I took this photo of ‘Lovie Dovie’ where it greets folks near my front door. This head-turner will be available in garden centers next spring. Watch for it!