Cotinus coggygria ‘Winecraft Black I fell in love with this purple-leaved smokebush the minute I saw it. Even though I find the frothy pinkish flowers appealing, it was the eye-catching purple foliage on this compact shrub that landed it in my shopping cart. ‘Winecraft Black’ is now a striking focal point in my front garden. As noted in an earlier post, ‘Iceberg Alley’ will be its new side kick. ‘Winecraft Black’s foliage emerges rich purple in spring, and turns almost black in summer heat. Come fall, the leaves take on a red and orange tints. ‘Winecraft Black’ can get 4’-6’ tall and blooms in early summer. I am going to keep mine between 3’-4’ by pruning it each year right after it finishes blooming (it sets its blooms on old wood). ‘Winecraft Black’ requires full sun and is hardy on Zones 4 – 8.