Product Feature: Liquid Fence

Liquid Fence. Given that deer are starting to paw the ground in anticipation of the fresh new growth of our emerging perennials, now is the perfect time to feature Liquid Fence. Liquid Fence is an amazing company that manufactures outstanding products for keeping your perennials, shrubs, evergreens and edibles protected from munching critters. Their products are eco-friendly and can also be used on fruit and vegetables. Deer, rabbits, moles, dogs, cats, snakes, and yes, even armadilla will be turned aside by Liquid Fence’s targeted products. Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent, the #1 best selling product in its category, is the environmentally safe and biodegradable solution to all your deer and rabbit problems. Best of all, this easy-to-use, long lasting spray is family and pet friendly so you can use it worry-free. Liquid Fence is so confident that this product is completely safe and effective, they back it up with a written 100% money-back guarantee. For more about their products and gardening tips, visit their info-packed web site,, and be sure to sign up for the helpful e-newsletter while you’re there.