Witchhazel (Hamamelis)

Sun – Part Shade. I have wanted a Witchhazel as long as I can remember. I dare not say how long that is since my ‘graying’ has not only affected my hair color. These flowering shrubs or small trees brighten landscapes in late winter when few other blooms do.

The flowers are usually yellow or red and look like finely shredded paper. They dangle from leafless branches before the green leaves appear. These same leaves turn an exquisite yellow, orange and red in fall.The more sun the shrub or small tree gets, the more striking the display. All Witchhazels tend to have a vase-shaped growth habit.

Heights range from 8′ – 20′. ‘Diane’ has dark red flowers and stays more compact than some at 8′ – 12′. ‘Arnold Promise’ has yellow flowers and can get up to 20′. Both of these are hardy to Zone 5. H. virginiana, Common Witchhazel, is hardy to zone 4 (maybe even 3). It has fragrant yellow flowers and is native to eastern and central US.