Ornamental Grasses That Glow

Like many gardeners, I am attracted to ornamental grasses and sedges for their graceful stature and movement in the garden, ease of care, and distaste to munching critters. I am particularly enamored with those with shimmering yellow or golden blades. They light up the garden! Below are a few of my favorites that have aced my trials:

Carex ‘Everillo’ Sedge. 10”-12” Part Sun – Part Shade Zones 5 – 9. This one provided the best winter interest in my gardens (unless it was buried under snow) Photo taken in my garden in late November.

Carex ‘Bowles Golden Sedge. 2’ – 3’ tall Part Sun – Part Shade Zones 5 – 8

Carex ‘Banana Boat’ Sedge. Technically this sedge is not solid gold, it has a very slender green margin. 6”-12” tall Part Shade – Shade Zones 5 – 9 (pictured)

Hakonechloa ‘All Gold’ Japanese Forest Grass, Hakone Grass. 9”-14” tall Part Shade – Shade Zones 5-9

Pennisetum a. ‘Lumen Gold’ Fountain Grass. 12”-24” tall Sun – Part Sun Zones 5-8 (note: Prides Corner Farms in CT is a wholesale grower and ships to many garden centers in the Northeast).