The global pandemic has overturned many of the ways we do things, as well as prompted creative solutions to new challenges. Zoom conversations with family and friends, business meetings, conferences, and educational symposiums have rocketed. Almost all of my scheduled in-person speaking commitments from March through this summer were cancelled, BUT some of these are now being rescheduled as Zoom events. Agreed, Zoom programs are not the same experience as an assembly of enthusiastic gardeners and speakers, but it is better than nothing during these times of social distancing.

I am now offering ‘virtual lectures’ to gardening groups, associations, and symposia via Zoom. Everything is the same (inspiring PowerPoints, lectures notes, and question and answer time) EXCEPT:

1) I am not in the same room as the audience
2) I cannot do a live book signing. I offer a special discount on signed/shipped books to attendees instead.
3) Hosting organizations save money on my travel expenses, plus my honorarium is modified for these ‘virtual’ lectures.

If you would like to learn more about my new Zoom lectures, please contact me at or call me at (207)-502-7228. Please click here for my speaker background. NOTE: Zoom lectures for groups do not replace my popular online Webinars for individuals. To view all 13 of my past Webinars now available for purchase click here.