New Perennial Mukgenia

Mukgenia   This perennial is awesome! I spotted it at Holdridge Garden Center (in Ledyard, CT) when I spoke there earlier this month. It is a cross between Mukdenia ‘Crimson Fans’ and Bergenia. The rich pink flowers, attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies, open in April and continue into early June. The jagged leathery leaves turn a riveting burgundy-red in fall. It can be planted in full sun in the colder parts of its growing range, otherwise dappled shade is best. It grows to 13” in flower, with foliage mounds around 8”. It is hardy in Zones 3 – 9. (photo fall folaige from Terra Nova Nurseries)

This unique gem is not noted to be deer or rabbit resistant so I made sure to sprinkle Plantskydd Deer and Rabbit repellant granules around it. This exceptional repellant not only protects plants but fertilizes them at the same time! Receive 10% off your order when ordering on line and using this special discount code Pyours2017. (photo of Mukgenia just planted in my garden)