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You need sunglasses to look at this perennial!

One thing for sure, Persicaria ‘Golden Arrow’ is not shy. It’s a bling machine! This workhorse perennial blooms from July into fall with no deadheading. I took this picture just a few weeks ago in my garden. Not only am I still enjoying it, so are the bees. ‘Golden Arrow’ is hardy in Zones 4 – 8 and grows in sun to part shade. If this showboat is too gaudy for you, try Persicaria ‘Firetail’, another marathon bloomer but with green leaves. Both are 2’ – 3’ tall in flower.

The pipsqueak of the family is Persicaria affinis ‘Dimity’. This groundcover tops out at 6”-8” with medium pink flowers in summer that age to light pink. It is the most cold tolerant, hardy to Zone 3. The giant of the family, Persicaria polymorpha (pictured right. Photo Missouri Botanical Garden), sports white plumes in late spring and early summer. It soars to 4’ – 6’ in bloom and is hardy in Zones 5- 9.