Nasty Little Voles!

My blood pressure soared the other day when I noticed one of my Hydrangea ‘Incrediball’ had suddenly wilted. The adjacent ‘Incrediball’ seemed fine. As I drew closer to investigate, I noticed a small hole at the base of the shrub. Upon closer inspection, I discovered a tunnel and cavity underneath the shrub, where roots used to be. GRRRR! The Hydrangea had fallen prey to a vole, a hungry field mouse-like critter running its own ‘demolition derby’. Time to launch a counter-attack.


I could use mice traps baited with peanut butter/oatmeal hors d’oeuvre balls but I’ve had mixed results with this method, plus I worry that an unintended victim (i.e., a cat) could get caught in the trap. It is much easier and more reliable, to use Plantskydd’s Vole Repellent. This organic granular product comes in 3 pound Shakerpaks that provide coverage for up to 1,800 square feet. Plus, all of Plantskydd’s products are 100% money-back guaranteed.

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