Mosquito Madness!

The mosquitos are worse than ever this year.  The minute I step out into my gardens, I am attacked by swarms.  Usually I am not bothered by these blood-lusting creatures.  Studies have shown that certain blood types are more pestered by mosquitos than others. Mosquitos are most attracted to Type O blood and least attracted to Type A. I am Type A (both in blood type and personality).  Only the females bite, the males sup on flower nectar.  I recognize she needs blood to produce eggs, and my ‘motherly’ instinct should be to empathize – but why not target chipmunks, voles, squirrels and groundhogs?!

I really enjoyed reading Garden Design’s article on 7 Mosquito Repellant Plants.  I didn’t know that Lavender (pictured, ‘Sweet Romance’) was one of the plants disliked by mosquitos.  In addition to plant choices, the blog also includes other natural ways to combat the devil’s minions