Love Your Lawn this Fall

Fall is the ideal time to prep your lawn for a healthy, thicker green carpet next year. The cooler weather is perfect for seeding in new lawns or overseeding those that have grown ‘thin at the top’.

espoma_winter-lawn-fertilizerAlso treat blades to Espoma’s Fall Winterizer (8-0-5), an organic fertilizer rich in nitrogen and potassium. Nitrogen encourages lush top growth while potassium helps the lawn recover from summer drought conditions, enhances winter hardiness and helps promote a better spring greening the following season.

Finally, stop raking up all of those leaves. Mow ‘em in instead. Simply raise the mower deck to its highest setting and giddy up. Trials at Michigan State University show almost a 100% decrease in dandelions and crabgrass after doing this for only three years.