Kerry Mendez is a great speaker

Kerry Ann has a wonderful, clear speaking style, and is obviously very familiar with the gardening world. I had no trouble following her plant commentary (Radical Perennials Webinar), which is very detailed so I know which will plants work in my garden and which may not. She is inspiring, and I’ve made many notes of her recommendations that I will purchase and add to my garden in the Spring.

I had the pleasure of meeting Kerry Ann at a presentation she gave at the Merrimac Public Library. She has a great presentation style. I guess I expected to be intimidated by someone who showed off their knowledge with an attitude, but she is completely the opposite. She has the knowledge, but is personable and she wants to share her knowledge. What a great concept … making garden life easy for those of us who are “mature” and can’t physically spend hours a day tending to our gardens. Hearing that Kerry Ann’s Maine garden basically tends to itself is a revelation to this amateur gardener. Her pointers, not only about which plants to grow, but about mulch, and plant placement and pruning for the best results, is invaluable. I know of several wonderful nurseries in the area, but what to buy??? Now I know!!

Thanks Kerry Ann!! I love your monthly e-newsletters.  Pam, NH  November 2016