Imagine my surprise when I saw this Facebook post from my friend Judi:“How lovely indeed (she was referring to some flower photos that I took at Tower Hill Botanic Garden where I was speaking). Although not as lovely as my most recent issue of Garden Gate magazine’s new “Garden Ideas” magazine which–literally cover-to-cover–features YOUR breathtaking Ballston Spa gardens and charming former home! With no identifier given, I “oohed and aahed” my way through the pages with a creeping sense of deja-vu and kept wondering why (or how) I could be feeling as if I had actually been in this magical garden? I almost had myself convinced that it must have been in a delightful dream, but then I read that the featured property was in upstate New York and I suddenly KNEW that, sure enough, it was YOUR signature handiwork and, gosh darn, I HAD been there! BIG kudos to you, Kerry! I’ve been paging (and drooling) my way through Garden Gate for years, but have truly never seen a lovelier garden display than yours. This feast-for-the-eyes national magazine spread simply reinforces that NOBODY does it better, my dear. Oh, and, of course, that’s gotta be you in your garden chapeau working away in the small inset on the back cover, right? What a cutie!’

I emailed my friends at Garden Gate and sure enough, my Ballston Spa gardens were featured in this national magazine.  My garden is featured on the FRONT COVER, BACK COVER (I’m doing garden maintenance wearing a silly looking hat!) and in a 12-page article. You can subscribe to get the Garden Ideas magazine (6 issues a year) for only $20 by visiting Garden Gate.