Inspiring Words of Love

While speaking at a garden Symposium in Ohio last month, I had the most heart-warming experience.  An elderly gentleman was sitting alone near my book signing table. Occasionally he would turn and smile at me. He gave me a thumbs up after I spoke. At the end of the symposium, he came over and gave me a torn piece of paper from his notepad. I confessed I couldn’t read his writing and he read it to me. ‘If you raise flowers, you have the power to spread joy. Just share!’  He then told me he had given away over 350 little bouquets of flowers from his garden to people in nursing homes, on the street, in the grocery store, at the post office….. And the simple joy expressed by surprised people kept him picking the next little arrangement.  He told me to try it. WOW! I made a note on my 2023 calendar to do just that starting in spring.  For some reason the popular 1971 ad by Coca-Cola came to mind – but instead of buying and sharing a coke, we would care and share a flower.