Indoor Seed Starting with Espoma

This is the time of the year when antsy gardening hands can finally get relief! The indoor seed starting season has begun. I am not going to pretend this is an area of expertise for me. When I do seed plants, which are primarily perennials, I plant them directly into my gardens in spring.

So I turned to my friends at Espoma, a family-owned business (now 80+ years old) and one of the largest manufactures of organic fertilizers and organic potting soils in the country. They offer tried and true, expert advice on growing seeds indoors, from the right soil mix to gentle organic fertilizer for seedlings. Their Seed Starting Blog includes a list of the best veggies and herbs to start indoors in the winter, a link to Farmer’s Almanac to check out the last spring frost date in your area, plus a link to a fantastic seed. starting chart from Organic Life magazine.

True confession: even though I don’t start seeds indoors, I still get a ‘high’ wiggling my fingers in Espoma’s Organic Seed Starter mix that feels so velvety and fluffy….