This Honey of a Plant will Surprise You!

Get ready to jump out of the way! Earlier this summer I helped my sister with a new garden in front of her farm house located near me in Kennebunk. This garden faces directly south. I took this picture shortly after we planted it.

I was ASTOUNDED by how quickly Supertunia ‘Honey created a lush carpet of non-stop flowers that required ZIPPO deadheading. The only fertilizer these marathon blooming annuals received was when they were planted. We sprinkled some Espoma Plant-tone, a slow-release organic plant food, around the roots. Another bonus was their drought tolerance.

I loved the combo of Supertunia ‘Honey’ with Verbena ‘Meteor Shower’, another ever-blooming, drought-tolerant rock star that is adored by butterflies. For an easy three season composition, add some colorful species tulips or miniature daffodils to the mix. These bulbs are long-lived, naturalize, and are distasteful to deer and bunnies.