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Growining Banana plants in the Northeast

Ever since I married my husband, who was born and raised in Havana, Cuba, I’ve had a thing for tropicals. They have such bold, dramatic, eye-catching demeanors. They are the life of the party! Imagine my delight when I read the article ‘Banana-Rama’ in Garden Design’s summer issue. The 8-page feature provides easy-to-follow tips for growing bananas (Musa) and how to winter them over in colder zones (that certainly includes where I live in Maine). I discovered that there is even one (Musa basjoo) that can handle Zones 5 and 6 with protection (a thick mulch layer). ‘Banana-Rama’ is just one in a line-up of great reads in this ad-free magazine. (photo courtesy of Jonathan Buckley)

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