Gorgeous Flowering Shrubs with No Deer Damage

I have the special honor and opportunity to evaluate plants that are either new to the retail market or will be released in the upcoming year. I was tickled pink last week when two huge boxes from Santa Clause (Proven Winners and Spring Meadow Nursery, a wholesale grower) landed on my front porch. Inside were five exquisite flowering shrubs. None were in bloom yet (less shipping stress this way), but I’m rubbing my hands together in anticipation of the flowers later this summer.

Check out what was inside my carefully-wrapped boxes:

Hydrangea arborescens INVINCIBELLE Wee White. WOW! This mighty-might, flowering machine will bloom week after week, starting in early summer into the fall. It is a miniaturized ‘Annabelle’, only growing to 1’ – 2.5’ tall. Perfect for small landscapes or containers! It prefers sun to part sun and is hardy in Zones 3 – 9. Its drought tolerant nature is another bonus! This winner will be in garden centers in spring 2018. (photo above)

Hydrangea arborescens INVINCIBELLE Mini Mauvette. Another fantastic smooth Hydrangea topping out at 2.5 – 3’ tall. It has deep mauve-pink flowers that open in early summer, with rebloom into fall. It does best in sun to part sun, is drought tolerant, and hardy in Zones 3 – 9.

Vitex ‘Blue Diddley’ This stunning shrub has always fascinated me when I’ve seen it at trade shows. I can’t wait to see how it will do in my Maine garden. ‘Blue Diddley’ is a dwarf version (it only gets 3’ – 6’ tall) of the taller, more commonly grown Vitex. This highly deer and drought resistant shrub has lovely blue flowers in the summer. In colder zones like mine (Zones 5 and 6), it will behave like a perennial and die back to the ground, sending up new stems in the spring. It wants full sun and is hardy in Zones 5 – 9.

Weigela CZECHMARK ‘Sunny Side Up’ This spring blooming Weigela has heads spinning! Its distinctive white flowers each display a cheery yellow spot in the center. It grows to 3’ – 4.5’ tall and does best in full sun. This is one of three new varieties developed in the Czech Republic. ‘Sunny Side Up’ is hardy in Zones 4 – 8. It will be at garden centers in spring 2018

Loropetalum JAZZ HANDS ‘Dwarf Pink(Chinese Fringe Flower) This gem will not winter over in my Zone 5 gardens BUT it will be a magnificent container plant that I can either move inside and try to grow as a houseplant or make the attempt to over winter it in my unheated garage. This knockout is worth the risk! It has jaw-dropping foliage with sizzling pink blooms in spring. Growing to between 1’ – 3’, it enjoys full sun to part sun. It is hardy in Zones 7 – 9.

Unfortunately three out of five of these beauties (the Hydrangeas and Loropetalum) are not deer resistant. I erected a protective ‘invisible wall’ around them by applying Plantskydd Deer and Rabbit repellent. This rain-resistant, organic repellent keeps potential munchers at bay for months! It is 100% guaranteed. Check out the testimonials on their web page.

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