I was sad to see Garden Design discontinue their one-of-a-kind, quarterly gardening magazine, BUT thank goodness their website abounds with even MORE fantastic gardening features and ideas. The website is a great tool to use while planning (or dreaming about) your garden. This online resource of photo galleries, plant information, and design details is free to use, and there’s so much inspiration to discover!

For example, the feature on small gardens is brilliant. With the right design, even the smallest of gardens can be incredible (and useful). Check out the photo gallery of completed designs, a collection of plants for small spaces, 7 steps to transform a small garden, and more by clicking here.

Another topic addressed on the site that caught my attention was shade gardening. For some gardeners shade is a welcome luxury, for others, it’s a bothersome challenge! Get ideas on how to lighten up a shady area of the garden, see a gallery of gardens made for the shade, container gardens that thrive in low light, and more here.(photo by Jon Whittle)