Flowering shrubs rock! They contribute astonishing beauty to a landscape and ask for so little in return – they typically require minimum routine maintenance as well as less water and fertilizer. And we are not the only admirers of these woody wonders. Many pollinators are also huge fans. (photo of Tony and Marie Newton’s Garden to be featured in the Webinar and also in my tour to England in July 2018)

Please join me for the April 27th online lecture (Webinar) spotlighting some of the ‘best in show’. The live broadcast is at 2:00 p.m. Eastern time but you do not have to ‘attend’ this presentation. ALL registrants will receive a link to the lecture within 72 hours of the broadcast to watch the webinar (longer than 60 minutes) at their convenience, as many times as they want.  The presentation includes a handout (along with each shrub’s pruning requirements), the opportunity to ask questions during the live webinar (the answers to all questions posted during the live webinar will be emailed to everyone afterwards), and a CEU form for green industry professionals and Master Gardeners. (photo: Hydrangea a. ‘Haas Halo’)

To learn more about the lecture and to register click here.