Design Tip for Ornamental Grass

NOTE TO SELF: SWITCH OUT HAKONE GRASS.  This has been such an unusual winter so far.  We have had very little snow cover.  Everything looks so brown and dreary. I need to do more to brighten up the winter landscape in front of my condominium when we have snow-starved winters. I already have dwarf Mt Laurel, Red Stem Dogwood, Blue Spruce ‘Sester Dwarf’, Heptadocium with peeling bark, and ‘Wildberry’ Coral Bell as well as a magnificent vessel by Stephen Procter and my dancing frog statue (that is usually covered in snow).

Then it dawned on me.  A simple way to add more pop is to swap Hakonechola ‘All Gold’ with Carex ‘Everillo’.  Both look dazzling during the growing season but in winter, the Carex still shines. It does not go dormant and brown like ‘All Gold’.  This will be one of the first thing I do in spring after the soil warms.  The above photo is of my neighbor’s front garden in winter with three scrappy brown Hakone grass. The photo to the right is of dazzling Carex ‘Everillo’ in a section of my garden.  I took these photos on the same day.  See the difference?!