Coral Bells with Stunning Leaves AND Flowers

Heuchera_Berry_Timeless_WaltersHeuchera (Coral Bell) Coral bells are one of my go-to plants for low-maintenance gardens. They’re neat and compact, drought tolerant and usually deer resistant. Combine these attributes with good-looking foliage plus flowers that attract pollinators, including hummingbirds, and you have perennial superstars. Many newer cultivars are prized for their exceptional leaf colors – including shimmering yellow (‘Citronelle’ was the number one rated coral bell in a recent evaluation by Mt. Cuba Center), marmalade (‘Southern Comfort’); reddish-purple (‘Cajun Fire’), purple (‘Frosted Velvet’) and tri-color (‘Green Spice’) to name a few. Unfortunately many coral bells with showboat leaves have ho-hum, dirty white flowers. Wouldn’t it be grand if the flowers were also head-turners? Here are a few that deliver on both fronts. Many of these coral bells may be found on and

Heuchera_Rave_On_1‘Rave On’ Bright pink flowers atop purple leaves with a heavy silver overlay (pictured right. photo courtesy of Terra Nova Nurseries)
‘Fire Alarm’ Pink flowers glow against fiery red spring leaves that turn mahogany red in summer.
‘Berry Timeless’ Non-stop light pink flowers that age to dark rose, giving a two-toned, gorgeous appearance. Green leaves with a silvery touch (Pictured at top. Photo courtesy of
Heuchera_Havana_1‘Havana’ Dark pink flowers contrasted by lime green leaves (pictured right. Photo from Terra Nova Nurseries. I have a soft spot for this one as my husband was born and raised in Havana, Cuba)
‘Hercules’ Stunning red blooms adorning green leaves heavily splashed in creamy white (photo provided by
‘Milan’ Rich pink flowers with silvery-maroon leaves
‘Cherries Jubilee’ (pictured right) Red flowers mix beautifully with chocolaty leaves