Having recently raved about smooth Hydrangeas, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that these native beauties can sometimes be bothered by leaf roller caterpillars (Olethreutes ferriferana).  Leaf rollers will not kill the shrub, but rolled leaves, and possibly diminished flowers, can be frustrating.  Until this year, I only noticed leaf rollers on my white Hydrangeas – ‘Incrediball’ and ‘Annabelle’, but now they are showing up on my pink flowering ‘Invincibelle Spirit II’ and ‘Invincibelle Mini-Mauvette’.  ARRRGH!   I use a simple ‘organic’ approach to eliminate the problem.  I gently peel open the curled leaves and squish the little green caterpillar.  Leaf roller on smooth Hydrangeas is really only an issue in spring.  To learn more about leaf rollers and treating smooth Hydrangeas, check out my good friend, Jessica Walliser’s article.