Citrus Trees Love Citrus-tone from Espoma

150_Logo_EspomaVegetable gardening is a given now for many home gardeners, whether in the landscape or containers. Now trending is growing dwarf citrus and fruit trees in containers that can be indoor houseplants as well as patio or deck specimens.

meyer_Lemon_TreeImproved Meyer Lemon tree
is probably the most popular selection with lovely white fragrant flowers that adorn the glossy-green leaved tree year-round. Other top selections for growing indoors include Kaffer lime and ‘Trovita’ oranges.
citrus_toneTo keep potted citrus looking their best, be sure to feed them with Espoma’s Citrus-tone (5-2-6). This complex blend of 100% natural and organic ingredients provides a complete and balanced supplement. Citrus-tone is available in 4, 8 and 18 pound bag sizes. To learn more about Citrus-tone and where to buy it, check out Espoma’s web site.
For additional information on growing citrus trees in containers, check out P. Allen Smith’s advice as well as Four Winds Growers’ (a premier, family-owned citrus grower) resource page.