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Broken Arrow Nursery – A Plant Goldmine

Broken Arrow Nursery is prized by gardeners across the U.S. for their top quality, unusual plants. Coupled with extraordinary plants is their dedication to superior customer service and fair pricing. The nursery is a goldmine of striking perennials, shrubs, trees and conifers, many of which are native. In addition to their retail store, they also offer an online catalog. Along with their extremely knowledgeable staff, the nursery also holds special lectures and workshops on site, as well as off site.

On July 18, Adam Wheeler, the Propagation Manager, will explain the myriad of hydrangeas available and how to have the best results. What ones are best for you? Will they be blue, pink, white, ruby or two-toned? Tickets are $15 but this amount can be deducted from a purchase made at the event. Then in September, Andrew Keyes will present ‘Uncommon Plants for Northeast Gardens’. The lecture is on Sunday, September 10 from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. Registration is $25 per person.  To check out how amazing this unique nursery is, visit