Applause for the American Rose Trials for Sustainability (ARTS)

Established in Portland, Maine in 2014, ARTS partners with other trial sites across the county to test roses for exceptional hardiness, disease resistance, drought tolerance, adaptability to different soils, and not requiring synthetic chemicals that many other roses need to look their best. The program identifies the best roses for 9 different climate zones in the United States. Roses that receive top scores in four or more regions get the special Master Rose designation. The following three roses have won the 2018 Master Rose award:

Icecap: Gorgeous linen-white flowers cover this compact floribunda rose. ‘Icecap’ grows between 2’ and 3’ tall in Zones 5 – 9. It is highly disease resistant. Unfortunately, it is not fragrant.

Peachy Knock Out
This new Knock Out rose has lots of admirers. The flowers are shell pink with a yellow center, providing the over effect of peach. The color is most intense in cooler spring and fall temperatures. It has a nice repeat blooming habit from late spring through fall. Growing to 3’ it is hardy in Zones 4 – 10. Unfortunately, it is not fragrant.




True Passion
A vibrant orange hybrid tea rose Dark green glossy foliage
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