Finding striking, no-fuss annuals for shady gardens and containers can be challenging, especially if you are seeking something other than common impatiens (Impatiens walleriana). Since most of my gardens are in part shade or shade, I’m always on the lookout for striking annuals to extend the floral display through fall.

A few of my favorite shady annuals THAT NEED NO DEADHEADING are Browallia (blue and white), Torenia (commonly called Wishbone flower because of two stamens connected at the throat of the plant- appearing like a wishbone- that are then broken when a pollinator collects the nectar), Upright Fuchsia, Lobelia, Rieger Begonia (a cross between wax and tuberous Begonia – also grown as a houseplant), Dragon-wing Begonia, Wax Begonia, Rex Begonia (I bring these inside for the winter – they are lovely houseplants) Coleus, Polka Dot Plant, Caladium, and many other. For more intriguing options check out Garden Design’s article on 19 amazing annuals for shade (and be sure to sign up for their fantastic free online newsletter if you haven’t already done so.)