The American Gardener is one of the very best gardening magazines I have ever subscribed to, and I subscribe to a lot! This exceptional bi-monthly publication is produced by the American Horticultural Society, and is a benefit to Society members. To give you an idea of how amazing the articles are, some of the engaging features in the recent edition were Potted Edibles; Success with Citrus (including growing these as indoor plants); and Propagating with Hardwood Cuttings (how to root cuttings from many of your favorite shrubs and trees).

My favorite article was A ‘Look-Into’ Garden. Carole Ottesen writes an exceptional piece on how to design gardens that are also breathtaking when viewed from inside the house – especially during fall and winter. Windows become picture frames for striking compositions. The article also contains her best plant picks for year-round interest. I was pleased to see that I have a number of these stars in my landscape, including the coral bark maple that is framed by my glass sliding porch doors. I share Carole’s enthusiasm and treated this design concept in my book, The Right-Sized Flower Garden. (Fall photo of my coral bark maple planted next to my porch deck)

As you may guess, I am a huge fan of The American Gardener. This fabulous magazine is just one of the many benefits of joining the American Horticultural Society. Membership also includes free admission to over 330 public gardens and arboreta, a 35% savings on all Timber Press books, as well as other perks. To receive a special membership discount as a follower of Perennially Yours, click here.