An Amazing Woman’s Unique Enterprise

I had the pleasure of meeting Alaya Boisvert when I spoke in Vancouver, BC this past spring. What a brilliant, inspirational, and deep-thinking woman.  Her father is the proprietor of Plantskydd Animal Repellants, a SUPERIOR product that I use in my gardens.

Alaya and her former husband, Douglas, recently started an amazing website and blog titled Adventures in Co-Parenting.  As stated on the home page, ‘Adventures in Co-Parenting is a refreshingly honest, easygoing, and engaging exploration of the highs and lows of co-parenting in the modern world. As heard on CBC’c Now or Never, Douglas and Alaya will combine their shared experiences and guests’ expertise to offer insight and highlight positive opportunities to families after separation’. 

I was deeply moved when I listened to Love Redux: Caring for Your Ex.  This is just one of three soul-stirring podcasts currently posted.   Please check it o