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A Wedding Machine – Goats!

Last week I discovered a brush-clearing business called Scapegoats, located just down the road from me in West Kennebunk, Maine. A team of seven goats help homeowners, municipalities and farmers tidy up fields, parks and yards by devouring invasive plants, including poison ivy and poison oak. Goats devour Japanese Knotweed and Asian bittersweet, but aren’t fans of grass. Goat-powered weeding is popular in Massachusetts and the West Coast but it is new to Maine (and new to me). Heather Lombard, the owner of Scapegoats, offers weekly rentals for her herd for $500 – $700 (this includes Heather setting up an electric fence to pen them in the area they are weeding. And a bonus to cute weeders? Goats are now right up there with cats on social media for the “it” animal! To learn more about Scapegoats, visit