As our nation continues to battle the coronavirus outbreak, spending time outdoors, especially in the garden, promotes physical, mental and spiritual well-being. The ongoing temporary closure of nonessential businesses is also impacting many garden centers. On March 21, Estabrook’s Garden Center (a large, multi-site nursery where I work), made the difficult decision to close to foot traffic until further notice. This was done to protect the health of our patrons as well as staff. We are offering online sales with curbside pick-ups and home delivery services. In recent weeks we have received over a half-dozen 18-wheeler deliveries packed with gorgeous flowering shrubs, evergreens, trees and perennials. The nursery yard is breathtaking to walk in – and yet other than staff – it is a ghost town. Heartbreaking, especially given that strolling through a colorful, plant-filled garden center – wherever it is located – is incredibly soothing and therapeutic. Photo of our nursery yard March 22.

So I have decided to post photos of ‘smile-generating plants’ on the Perennially Yours FaceBook page. My goal is one post a day. The posts will also include photos from my emerging spring gardens. I hope that in some way these will brighten your day. Photo: Crocus blooming in my garden on March 20.